Financial Recovery Articles

Dealing with Shame
You can get over this, but you have to deal with the shame.  Shame is different than guilt.  Guilt says, "how could I have done this?"  Shame says "how could I have done this?"  The emphasis is on being rather than behavior.  Shame makes us feel small, worthless, and so flawed that we will be rejected.  Shame we usually feel in our gut while guilt we feel in our heads.  We feel guilt when we break one of our standards.  Guilt is really handle-able.  Shame makes us wonder, "what will people think of me.  Click for more

Why we don't track our Numbers
Keeping things vague helps us avoid reality.  Keep good records and accountability helps us see clearly.  Keeping things vague is like denial to the alcoholic or and other addict.  They really don't keep an accounting of how bad it has become.  The food addict that doesn't want to no how much food, or calories they are eating and how much weight they have.  This is like the compulsive debtor who want to keep on spending, doesn't know how much she is spending and doesn't want to know the total debt.  One of the beginning steps is knowing how much debt you owe and to track ever expenditure.  to be continued-

Taking the First Steps
What do we do to start the recovery process?

1.  Explore the disease through literature and meetings.
2.  Get professional counseling or coaching.
3.  Get a sponsor to guide you through the steps.
4.  Start to track your numbers.
5.  Explore your emotional connections with money.  What does money equal to you?  Power? Security? Self-worth?  to be continued